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Insights and Impact from Ending Womens Homelessness Projects

Homeless Link commissioned a report into the tampon tax funding that allowed Baobab to provide gender and trauma informed casework to refugee and migrant women, as well as train advocates and professionals from across the UK - see more information on our project here.

We were interviewed, as were some of the women we supported - we are proud to be part of this evaluation.

Full report here:

Homeless Link - Insights and Impact from the Ending Womens Homelessnes Fund
Download PDF • 8.93MB

Report Conclusion:

'The EWHF was an ambitious programme that in the midst of a global pandemic has succeeded in supporting women to improve their housing circumstances and personal situations, share knowledge and skills across sectors, develop partnership approaches to supporting women, enhance the quality and availability of support for women and encourage more people to advocate for women on a local and national scale. Overall, the effort and resilience shown by the grantees and the women they support throughout the life of the EWHF cannot be underestimated. The Fund helped to establish a network and community of people and organisations to work towards ending women’s homelessness that hopefully can be expanded and strengthened in the future to meet this shared goal.'

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