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Baobab have been chosen as Feminist Work for Change's Project of the Year

Feminists Work For Change is a feminist working group based in the West Midlands.

Working independently and co-operatively alongside other groups, organisations, campaigns and individuals, Feminists Work For Change aims to address issues affecting the lives of women and girls, and to create positive change in the immediate and longer term, locally and nationally.

Feminists Work for Change welcome a diverse range of women and gender non-conforming folks from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds.

We are very happy to have their support, and it will enable us to be better advocates.

Our drop in space can have extra, room hire costs, we have some, but want to open weekly, which we are able to do by allocating some of the funding here.

We give expenses to advocate volunteers for travel and lunch, many volunteers are asylum seekers, refugees and migrants on a low budget so this is essential to continue our community advocacy. We have advocacy funds from Help Refugees, but are limited to 5 appointments a week, with this extra our now 9 advocate team can help more women more often. It opens up the possibility of our two Coventry based advocates having an advice session at Coventry Peace House. It will also pay for expenses to access training and events so advocates can improve their knowledge and skills.

We give destitution grants sometimes, which are mainly refunded from Hope Projects or the Zakat Foundation, the odd bus pass / taxi for a pregnant / sick woman to go to hospital, or move when eviction happens can come out this grant.

We also have 3 mobile phones and internet for advocates which is not ideal as the other advocates need to be able to call women we support. We can now get some pay as you go top ups.

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