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These certificates are for people on a low income, people seeking asylum get these issued to them, or they can apply themselves if they don’t receive from asylum support.

To get a HC2 certificate, first you have to fill in a HC1 form.

You have to update it EVERY 6 MONTHS / 1 YEAR, look at the expiry date.

With a HC2 certificate you can get these for FREE:

  • NHS prescriptions

  • NHS dentist visits

  • sight tests

  • new glasses or contact lenses

  • repairing or replacing glasses or contact lenses

  • NHS wigs

  • NHS fabric supports – things like surgical bras, support tights and spinal supports

  • travel for NHS treatment

Are you…

  • over 60?

  • under 16?

  • 16/17/18 years old and in full-time education?

  • Pregnant?

  • Do you have a child under 12 months old?

  • Getting benefits?

Then you DON’T need a HC1 form. You ALREADY get these for free.

More information about healthcare on our site:

Full details about HC2 eligibility:

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