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Big Lottery Drop in Funding

Thank you to the Big Lottery who approved our grant funding to expand our drop in and assist more women. 

We want volunteers to help with lunches, welcoming people, languages... 

Now we have 4 extra volunteer expenses per week. 

Plus funds to support 3 women per week with accessing appointments with other organisations. 

We can have lunch every week.

We have more volunteer coordinator expenses so the support and coordination of the project will improve. 

We can have advocate / volunteer support sessions at the centre and 1-1 sessions in the community linking women to specialist projects like Shelter, Brushstrokes, St Chads or Doula. 

We can have training to look after selfcare of volunteers.  

We can support Meena Centre with a room hire donation so we can drink their tea, hang out and work together lobbying for change, supporting women. 

We can have some new (second hand) computers, printers, phone equipment. 


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