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Our Community

We provide benefit to:

Refugee and migrant women, who are suffering hardship due to precarious immigration status, refusal of asylum, domestic or gender violence, labour and sex trafficking or domestic servitude.


Give advice and assistance to empower women to overcome the hardship they face. 

The community will benefit by having increased knowledge to make informed decisions in their best interests. They will be encouraged to weigh up decisions and consider thoughtfully what is best for them as individuals, as well as the wider implications for others. 


They will be provided with material about rights and responsibilities, including social and economic information about health, housing, finances, immigration status, volunteering, education and work. They will also benefit from real job or skill share opportunities created via volunteering and company networks. 

Research and raise awareness and influence policy regarding the different forms of exploitation and discrimination affecting the community. 


We will work with universities, local and migrant communities, the voluntary sector and statutory sector to share knowledge through training, newsletters, website, research and events. 


Group Decisions 

how we make decisions on what we do and how things work...
Baobab Women's Project is a community interest company. While our 3 Directors have a legal responsibility to ensure financial accountability, and support the growth of the project, the activities we do are led by a steering group of asylum seeking, refugee and migrant women. Steering group meetings are open to anyone engaging with Baobab Women’s Project activities, but are primarily attended by volunteers and advocates. People's voice and opinions at meetings, are all given equal weight when making decisions. 




Baobab Women's Project believe that justice is for all.

Our aim is to stop violence, hate and war.

Our work is for peace, love and hope.


Malka Al-Haddad

I not understand English well, and don't know anyone here. They help me a lot, to find and speak with soclicitor, the GP, they email, and help me understand my letters.


Mema Mata


'I really appreciate all the project does for me'






I speak French, but was given an interpreter, I was very happy with the help, thank you to all





I feel very welcome  and my children are happy to play with other kids and people who do the advocacy here are very nice


I am saying thank you for the help ,  I will come back I like it here


Activities, continued:


The community will benefit as when more people understand how discrimination issues affect asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, they will become less excluded and be treated in a fairer more equitable way. 

As individuals work together within the community they will grow in confidence and solidarity to give mutual support and assistance to each other. Education opportunities will be prioritised for community members who engage with awareness raising. 

Provide alternative therapy and relaxation to individuals suffering from stress and mental health problems as a result of their hardship.

The community will benefit from being offered relaxation and wellbeing sessions. This will allow women to address their past trauma and current experiences. 

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